Home Depot Rebate

Enjoy 2% rebates on all purchases in addition to any other home depot discount AND without a discount code. Minimum of $50 a year.


home depot Home Depot RebateIn association with National REIA, The Real Estate Association of Puget Sound (REAPS) is now able to offer a 2% semi-annual rebate on all purchases made with a registered credit card or debit card. You can register multiple cards and this applies to all purchases regardless of the size of the purchase. If your total semi-annual rebate is $25 or less you will receive a $25 gift card or check from Home Depot. This means you get a minimum $50 annual benefit even if you only buy two products in the entire year! This is on top of contractor discounts on larger projects, discount coupons and other savings.

Join for as low as $49 and get your 2% rebate on purchases anywhere in the United States. 

You must be an active member of REAPS during the term of your rebate.  REAPS provides an ever growing list of benefits including monetary benefits like this one as well as educational and networking benefits. To see which membership options include the Home Depot Rebate click here.

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